7.1.5 changes (Affliction)


  • Drain Soul is now baseline for affliction, however it also replaces Drain Life
  • Malefic Grasp is back (Spoilers, it kinda sucks)
  • Haunt now applies a debuff (it too also sucks)

Now onto the show… sorta.

Overall in the PTR of patch 7.1.5 ; the talents choices for affliction are rather sterile, (i.e., your still taking Writhe in Agony pretty much all the time no matter what. Malefic Grasp seems like a nice choice. ‘cept it’s not).

several talents were changed in the patch, Haunt, Drain Soul (Now Malefic Grasp), amd Soul Harvest (With a buffed duration too, at 15 sec baseline, up to a maximum 35 sec).

Go Sac was nerfed again (RIP)

And Mana Tap is gone, but its not. Instead being replaced with ‘Empowered Life Tap’ (A passive which does the same thing, but for a samller ammount of time).



Ulthalesh, the Deadwind Harvester

How in the hell do you level this thing?!

First off before we get into that,
here’s a preview of the really important traits for Ulthalesh, the Deadwind Harvester. I will also include info as to what the amplification effect is.

  • Compounding Horror: Hands down the most important trait in the arsenal of the affliction weapon. Deals instant damage for the UA cast, which is nice for bursting a target. Amplification: doubles the chaince to gain stacks of Compound Horror to 20%.
  • Perdition: increases Crit scaling and provides bonus damage, this is a strong bonus even at lower crit levels especially since it applies to the vast majority of our damage outside aoe. Amplification: doubles this to 20%
  • Wrath of Consumption: while this trait is hit and miss, if you have lots of adds dying, this can really stack up quick. This will trigger when any add you have threat on dies. Any fight where you’re going to have adds dying is a fight that the Affliction Lock is going to shine very nicely, especially with single target boss fight. Amplification: Doubles the damage provided by the effect
  • Soul Flame: This is another gold tier trait, and this trait is the hidden sleeper of this tier. This deals damage when an add dies that you have any amount of threat on, and it’s quite a bit of damage. Super strong in dungeons and raids with adds (Scorpion is a huge ringer) Amplification: Doubles the damage dealt
  • Harvester of Souls: This gives you damage equal to about 2 extra ticks of corruption over the duration, or 2 extra ticks every 7 ticks with absolute corruption. Cool trait, but not super exciting, definitely the weakest of the gold traits. Amplification: Doubles the proc rate, raising it to 4 extra ticks per 7 ticks
  • Fatal Echoes: Kind of cool, but it’s very low RNG so it’s not even remotely reliable until you’re in a place you’re able to spam UA on things. It can only proc once when an entire UA effect expires, not per UA cast. Amplification: Proc Rate is doubled to 12%
Now, how the hell do you level this thing???

So you have this talent system that you have to spend a lot of time putting points into it, so now the question is how do you put points into this thing? Well, here’s a few recommended ways to build the artifact up so you can get the most bang for your buck.

1450 Artifact Power:

Compounding Horror: This should be the first thing you go towards. This is by far the strongest ability we have in our arsenal and should be what you blast points into. This is relatively cheap and you can get there in only 1450 points spent.

3250 Artifact Power:

Next, grab Soul Flame. This is super super strong for dungeons, and will probably be what you want to get for the whole “Gearing up” process. Its really not as good in raids, as the adds have to be on a boss to really get any damage, but this will be super strong for anything going through mythics. There are quite a few raids going into both the Nightmare and The Nighthold that you can take advantage of large add deaths to gain bonus boss damage with Soul Flame.

33450 Artifact Power:

From here you want to go to Wrath of Consumption. Another trait to benefit off of the deaths of your fallen enemies. This is another trait that will definitely help for gearing process, but is much more useful in raids as this can be timed when adds are dying for really strong burst on a boss or specific target

276270 Artifact Power:

From here it’s kind of optional, but this is the optimal path to get all of your gold traits. Going into Harvester of Souls is going to be really nice damage on fights where you’re able to get lots of corruption up, and the added HP regen is not something to shy away from. It also gives another chance to proc

Note: This is just my recommended path. There are other options available, and lots of filler traits that do quite a lot because of the reap mechanic. Noteables secondary traits are:

  • Hideous Corruption Increases damage dealt by corruption by 12%, 24% under reap.
  • Inherently Unstable Increases the Critical Strike chance of Unstable Affliction by 6%, 12% under reap.
  • Inimitable Agony Increases the damage dealt by Agony by 12%, 24% under reap.
  • Perdition Increases your critical strike damage of Agony, Corruption, Drain Life, and Unstable Affliction by 10%, 20% under reap.
  • Shadowy Incantations Increases your shadow damage by 3%, 6% under reap.
  • Drained to a Husk Increases the damage dealt by Drain Life by 6%, 12% under reap.

Some notes:

  • Drained to a Husk: Useful to improve your filler damage. If you know you’re primarily only playing Affliction for multi target fights, this is a thing you can probably wait to get in favor of other artifact traits, which can save you about 200k points in the later stages.
  • Fatal Echoes: In the layout put above, this trait is OVER 550k artifact power to get to. It’s some damage increase, but not enough to warrant getting over some other traits.
  • Perdition is a pretty good trait, and is probably a good place to go after you have completed the gold traits.

So we also have these relics to equip into our artifact. Relics provide a minor trait + item level to the artifact. Your artifact starts with 2 relics, with a 3rd opening up when you finish the campaign for your class hall. Remember that relics will also gain the effects of reap, doubling their effects as well (Example, Shadowy Incantations Relics will provide 6% total bonus out of reap, and 12% total bonus in reap.
Your ideal artifact traits are as follows:

  • Shadowy Incantations: Flat 1% damage increase, applies to everything including talents. This is a “Help everything at all times” trait.
  • Inimitable Agony: provides damage increase to agony, which is really strong if you take Writhe in Agony, and will provide very solid boss damage.
  • Inherently Unstable: Best increase on our filler, which can be 30% of our damage. Its crit, so its sub optimal, but crit is our weakest stat as it is, so we won’t be stacking much and creating bad scaling.

Relic Simshttp://downloads.simulationcraft.org…ff_relics.html
Relic Trait Priority:

  • Shadowy Incantations
  • Inimitable Agony
  • UA Crit (10 relic ilvl difference to SI)
  • Corruption (10 relic ilvl difference to SI)
  • Drain Life (10 relic ilvl difference to SI)
  • Perdition (15 relic ilvl difference to SI)

Legion Rotation(s)

So with all of these abilities finally clarified, let’s get to the meat and potatoes of what you’re doing with the Affliction spec. There’s quite a few play styles for Affliction, revolving around the level 100 talents and fight types, and I will try to cover most of them.

First let’s look at single target:
  • Keep your Corruption and Agony up on the primary target.
  • With Effigy: keep Corruption and Agony up on the Effigy.
  • Keep up Siphon Life if you have it.
  • Drain Life / Drain Soul while fishing for Compounding Horror stacks.
  • When hitting 4 Compounding Horror stacks, cast off your Unstable Affliction. NOTE: You can wait for 5 to guarantee 25% more damage on that UA, but you risk over-capping on your Compounding Horror stacks.
  • On single target, you will notice Compounding Horror may fall off. If you have CH at 3 seconds remaining, it’s better to just use it rather than waste.
  • If you hit 5 shards, immediately cast an Unstable Affliction to prevent from capping. NOTE: Because of the way shard generation works from Agony, it is extremely unlikely to get a second shard proc immediately after one.
  • Ideally, if you hit 4 shards, go ahead and use the UA to prevent any possibility of shard capping.
  • If the Mastery or Int trinket procs line up, cast as many Unstable Affliction at the end of the duration as possible. Unstable Affliction does snapshot, so they will carry on their damage through the entire duration of the dot.(UA no longer snapshots, as of 7.1)
When small adds are involved that need to be killed:
  • Keep Agony and Corruption on the target the boss mob.
  • Keep Agony and Corruption on Effigy if you have it and can spare the GCDs before hand.

From here you have some decision making NOTE: These numbers are rough estimates, and to be used as a guideline, not the end all calculations you should keep in your head.

  • If your targets will be alive for more than 15 seconds, and you have 3 targets that could be hit, hit a seed of corruption to get corruption on multiple targets. This will get some good Compounding Horror stacks rolling.
  • If any targets will be alive for greater than 30 seconds and you have Absolute Corruption, hit them with corruption if they will not be hit by seed of corruption. This will give bonus Compounding Horror stacks. Use Seed of Corruption if the targets are clumped enough to be hit.
  • If your targets will live longer than 20 seconds, agony them. This will give bonus shards and Compounding Horror stacks, and provide some damage near the end of their life.
  • If you have a priority target that needs to die NOW (Infernals or Source of Corruption on Archimonde for example), spam Unstable Affliction. 2-3 stacks is good, then start using Drain Soul / Drain Life. If Unstable Affliction is still on the target when it dies, you get the soul shard is refunded, so learning to abuse this is an absolute must.
Multi Target Situations:
  • If shard capped, cast UA.
  • If targets are stacked, and theres more than 3 together, its quicker on GCDs to cast seed of corruption (Even if untalented) to spread corruption. 2.5 second cast time, globals are 1.5 second base.
  • Keep Corruption and Agony up on your targets
  • Cast Unstable Affliction when you’re at a 4 stack of Compound Horror or at 5 shards. The target really depends on which target needs to be receiving damage right now.
  • If you have the free GCDs put Siphon Life up and Drain Life / Drain Soul.
  • If adds are stacked, and you have GoSac, make sure there are as many dots rolling as possible.
  • If you have Sow the Seeds, spend free GCDs and shards on that.
  • If you do not have Sow the Seeds, keep UA rolling on at least one target, and drain during down time for extra GoSac procs.
Reap Usage:

The entire affliction gameplay revolves around the usage of Reap, and correct usage of Reap can be the difference between blue and orange parses.

  • Burst phases: Any time there’s a requirement of a burst phase, hit the button. It’s a minimum of 10% bonus damage, before all of the artifact amplifications.
  • You hit 12 souls. Any more is wasting resources. Hit reap so you now have a 1 minute buff of your artifact.
  • Large Wrath of Consumption stacks are a great time to reap. If you’re at the 5 stack, this raises it from a 10 to a 20% damage increase. Wrath only stacks to 5, so make sure you’re efficient with its up time and get as much out of it as possible.
  • Lots of adds with Corruption and / or agony: This is a time where you can get a lot of Compounding Horror stacks. Using reap will double this chance, giving you a flood of bonus damage to the point where you can almost spam UA at 25% bonus damage.

When to Affliction

Affliction’s strengths in raids are mostly multi-target, especially 3 or more targets, and it’s mobility is insane compared to Destro or demo, and most specs in the game. It is a spec that thrives on fights with adds that can give you high stacks of wrath of consumption and sometimes reap stacks.

Some examples of the fights affliction is very good on are: Renferal, the spiders although infrequent provide you with some minor WoC uptime, and the fight has a large amount of moving around. Odyn, While affliction is not that great at runebearer damage, if your guild needs it that is; BUT you get WoC stacks from them, and that’s enough to get it close to Destro in phase 1 / 2 cleave. It’s got straight up better ST and better mobility for phase 3.


But Affliction’s most important strength is Absolute Corruption cheesing. Especially on Dragons / Helya are excellent examples of fights for affliction to shine, also AC lets you ungodly damage to dragons and tentacles (keep in mind this is not padding), as both fights have adds that you can maintain 5 stacks of WoC from for large parts of the fight, both fights have a decent amount of movement. And just about every fight you play Destro on aff is competitive with it (it’s not always better, in fact it’s worse more often than not; but it’s close enough that it’s never going to hurt your raid). Demo is 100% required if you want to be a warlock on any ST fight though.

Legion Affliction Warlock; Stats, Talents. The good, the bad, and the ugly.

Please note that this guide will always be a work in progress as things change quite often! Discussion is always highly encouraged.


Table of Contents – COMING SOON (Hopefully…)


Hello and welcome to the Legion Affliction Guide! I am Grima and I will be your tourguide of sorts today. I main warlock for the US guild Team on Tichondrius, and have played warlock since Wrath of the Lich King. In my free time you can find me on the warlock discord, the Ask Mr. Robot discord, or playing some Overwatch, I’m currently working on my associates in arts (eventually my bachelors in psycology). You can follow me on twitter @Grimasoul

Anyways on with the show. The Affliction spec has undergone some pretty drastic changes from WoD to legion, moving away from drain / tunnel spec to a full on DoT monster with many a way to amplify your DoTs and make them as efficient as possible. Sadly Legion brought about in it’s wake a lot of pruning, but affliction ends up in a not terrible state once the artifact gets rolling. The affliction warlock’s primary strengths come into a multi target fight where you can transition into a varity of tunnel targets, allowing you to activate various artifact abilities, and pump a large ammount of damage into a boss while still maintaining a nice spread damage on multiple targets. It does tend to fall off due to a long ramp-up time on single target due to the stack mechanic on agony, and has quite a bit of DoT micromanagement to keep up with your melee and fire mages.

Base Spells

7.1 changes (Whooo)

Oh and there’s a lot! Here’s a compiled list right at the top of this guide:


  • Soul Effigy is no longer effected by AoE. RIP dank memes.
  • Demon Skin and Demonic Circle have swapped places (WTF blizz, I thought you wanted us to be tanky?) (lol jk, honestly this change wasn’t that bad in retrospect).
  • Haunt damage improved (lolz)
  • Phantom Singularity damage improved (I’ll get to this in a bit)
  • Drain Soul damage improved (Again big woop)

Spell Changes

  • Unstable Affliction no longer snapshots (Scratch that, “Ignites” is the better term for what it used to do). What it does now, is you may have up to five separate UA’s per target (I advise not to cleave this DoT under really any circumstances).
  • Agony damage improved
  • Corruption damage improved
  • Drain damage improved
  • UA damage improved

No longer generates shards, it’s now entirely a damage dot.
New shard generator. Still has the ramp up damage. Shard generation has changed as well. Shard generation is no longer based on a flat % chance to proc on tick, nor is it the ramping % chance to proc on tick that was present in alpha. Instead every agony tick adds 0-32 invisible “soulbits”, and when you hit 100 soulbits you gain a shard. You can still get bad shard RNG, but overall it is far more consistent than live. The amount gained per tick is reduced by the total number of agonies you have out, but it is still a large dps gain to have a lot of agony’s out. The end result of this, is that your shard generation is not a linear result of how many agonies you have out, but has a logarithmic return on shard gen vs how many agonies you have out. For the more mathematical look on how shards are generated (http://www.askmrrobot.com/wow/theory/mechanic/spell/agonysoulsharddriver?spec=WarlockAffliction&version=live)
Seed of Corruption:
Has been buffed considerably. Long cast time but always spreads Corruption on detonation, and does considerably more damage than it does in 6.2.3. This can be talented (read more later) to seed 4 other targets around the current target.
Unstable Affliction:
Shard consumer, now works like ignite. When Unstable Affliction is re-applied to a target, the remaining damage of the previous dot is added into the new dot, making it so that you will never lose damage on this (Unless the target dies before hand). A few notes on UA (Unstable Affliction):

  • UA Does not gain bonus ticks (currently) from haste.
  • UA only has 4 ticks total.
  • UA snapshots.
  • DoT lasts 8 seconds, reduced by haste.
  • 7.1: Each cast of UA creates a separate DoT on the boss (So essentially you’ll have 5 UA dots just chilling out on your screen)
  • If a target(s) dies before UA expires it refunds a soul shard.

7.1: Each UA active on the boss

Drain Life:
Base “Filler” spell. Heals for a lot, and deals ok-ish damage.

You’ll see this term a lot when researching Warlock. Basically, it’s a mechanic that allows you to refresh DoTs and ‘add’ the full duration as long as the DoT has <30% time remaining. This means you won’t waste any DoT time as long as you refresh your DoTs under 30%.


And now we’re starting to get to the meat and Potatoes, of the affliction spec.

Tier 15:


  • Haunt: Pretty much useless in its current rendition. Does decent damage but drain soul provides a shard, which will yield more damage most of the time. It is not bad for soloing some content, and can crit quite hard so it may be something to look at with pvp (especially in bgs).
  • Writhe in Agony: Defacto talent for any fight without adds, or any situation where you know your drain life time will be minimal to non existent.
  • Drain Soul: Provides shards when targets die and about a 2x damage increase from Drain Life. pretty solid talent

Verdict: You basically pretend that you have 2 options here, Writhe in Agony and Drain Soul. Writhe is better when you’re not spending as much time draining (high movement or council fights) or when you need boss damage. and Drain Soul will be better when you’re able to snipe adds for bonus shards and more UA. In general, it’s best to take Writhe in Agony because it’s your highest source of damage after UA. (In reality 99.99% of the time, you’ll be taking Writhe anyways; as Drain Soul’s damage is 10% behind Writhe, in single target, and Writhe is just so strong of a talent as an affliction warlock).

Tier 30:


  • Contagion: Your unstable affliction increases your damage dealt to the target by 15%. This now applies to the UA that does the application.
  • Absolute Corruption: Makes Corruption permanent (or 60 seconds in PVP) and makes it do 25% more damage. Lots of situations where this lets you drop a DOT from your rotation, or cheese encounters for Compound Horror Procs.
  • Mana Tap: Maintenance buff that costs 30% of your Current Mana for a 10% damage increase for 20 seconds. If you’re sadistic and like maintenance buffs, make sure you are using this before you lifetap for maximum benefit, along with making sure its up BEFORE any Unstable Afflictions are cast.

Verdict: This will basically come down to fight. If you have lots of adds that will be up for a while or out of range, you want Absolute Corruption. Otherwise you’re likely going to run contagion. Fights like council fights can also lend to Absolute Corruption to give you more free GCDs while keeping this damage running. The use case for mana tap for Affliction is when you have long lived adds that are not a priority to burst down and where you have the globals available to use it. It may be used in Council fights, but those typically are based on a target priority and would likely benefit more from Contagion as a result, or Absolute Corruption to free up globals. My recommendation is to skip mana tap all together, as Contagion and Absolute Corruption have much better mechanical synergy with the affliction warlock. (Techinicaly speaking, Mana Tap is actually better on 3 or more targets, but it is absolutely cancerous to play with).

Tier 45:


  • Demonic Circle: Spell is almost the same, except now you need to create a cancel aura macro to make it work properly. See Macros section for more info on this.
  • Mortal Coil: Works exactly as it does on live, including not healing or doing damage to bosses.
  • Howl of Terror: AOE fear instead of getting shadowfury. Very sad. But hey, at least it’s an instant cast… Unlike shadowfury..

Verdict: 2 abilities are beyond useless in PvE, so now we have portal as baseline as it’s ever been since June 2016. (smh, you only have one choice here).

Tier 60:

Tier 60.png

  • Siphon Life: Provides an extra DOT that deals as much as an unbuffed Corruption, similar duration, and heals you for all the damage it deals in addition it counts for extra damage on Shadow Bite. This will have some places to shine when you need the bonus healing, or have a situation where putting this up on 2-3 targets will provide some solid dps gains. Often used in conjunction with Absolute Corruption. NOTE: This spell IS affected by mastery.
  • Sow the Seeds: Causes your Seed of Corruption to fire off up to an additional 4 targets. This takes seeds from doing some damage and primarily used to spread corruption quickly, to doing a LOT of aoe damage, and is really awesome to watch.
  • Soul Harvest: Provides a 20% damage boost for 10 seconds +2 seconds per agony you have active. This has a lot of uses for when you need the damage boost for ~15 seconds. You should typically have this at 14 seconds at a minimum.

Verdict: This tier has lots of choices. Most unused talent may be Siphon Life. Its damage is decent, and gives an extra proc chance on Sac (more on this later), but it really won’t be shining unless you’re on 3-4 targets. The main niche of this will come into play if situations arise when you need to be super tanky to avoid / help with some mechanics. Sow the Seeds is pretty self explanatory, if you are short on Brostorm or KappaBeams, you can help your raid by padding AOE as well. Soul Harvest was changed with about 2 months left into the beta for the better. Take it if you have any DPS checks, no aoe, or just hate Siphon Life. (I’d like to add something, concerning Soul Harvest. Namely it sucks; first off it’s duration is too short to be worthwhile, secondly Siphon Life does more damage in the first place. Do yourself a favor, and don’t use Sow the Seeds (it’s straight up padding).

Tier 75:


  • Demon Skin: Causes your Soul Leech to passively regen over time, and provides an absorb shield up for up to 20% of your max HP. 7.1Not really a 7.1 note, but REMEMBER soul leach is a 15% shield that generates from your damage. This move is NOT as bad as presumed.
  • Burning Rush: Copy Pasta ability from live.
  • Dark Pact: Works like Sacrificial Pact on live. Awesome damage reduction Cooldown.

Verdict: This is a fight by fight, depending on the damage reduction, or Burning Rush. Any fight that has a reliable burst of damage every minute (IE: Ursoc charge) take Dark Pact. If the fight has any major mechanics that wreck your mobility (Cenarius dryads), take Burning Rush. Demon Skin is an excellent spell for moderate sustain damage (Cenarius is again an excellent example).

Tier 90: (i.e., there’s only one choice!)


  • Grimoire of Supremacy: Gives you the ability to summon your Doomguard / Infernal as permanent pets instead of 3 min cooldowns. Doomguard has an interrupt and massive slow, and Infernal has an offensive dispel and an AoE stun. Infernal has been buffed significantly from the WoD version and is now a decent option for AoE damage. The biggest benefit with this talent is your ability to swap from single target to AoE in between pulls as needed in an instance, which is very powerful in mythic + dungeons where you cannot swap talents.
  • Grimoire of Service: Gives you a cooldown every minute and a half, giving you (Generally) a bonus Felhunter that deals twice damage that the standard one deals. Your go-to talent for anything that is purely single target. This does cost a shard so it’s kind of annoying to use on single target. NOTE: GoServ Felhunter will interrupt when it spawns, giving you a bonus interrupt in Mythic+
  • Grimoire of Sacrifice: This has been dramatically changed from the WoD version. Legion Sacrifice causes ALL spells to periodically pulse for AoE damage, and it does quite a bit of damage. This is a great option to gain passive cleave damage for sacrificing a single target cooldown. The only downside is that you will be losing your pet Command Demon ability, specifically losing your only interrupt. There’s also some funky things you can do with Effigy placement, causing AoE damage to actually hit your effigy and deal damage to the boss. n.b. Grimoire of Sacrifice is 33% less powerful for Affliction than for Demonology or Destruction.No longer funky things with effigy. Thanks 7.1. This spell was drastically nerfed just before beta ended and really doesn’t do enough damage to be useful in most cases.

Verdict: This revolves into 2 things. Pure single target, service is SLIGHTLY ahead of supremacy by 0.5% on most logs, slightly further on sims. This is the go to for your Ursoc fights. Otherwise supremacy is pretty much the go to for everything else. It gives you a Stun and solid AOE in M+, and lets you hot swap to a single target pet just before a boss. Many of the top aff parses are also using supremacy simply because you just set doomguard on a target and forget about him while you focus on maintaining Contagion (Yay Doomguard!). I generally recommend Gsup

Tier 100:


  • Soul Effigy: Definitely the best to use if you need single target damage, or it’s a single/ 2 target fight. Targeting this thing is still a pain, so it’s recommended to sacrifice your focus target and use that.
  • Phantom Singularity: Probably most useful for mythics and / or aoe fights where you’re lacking in Brostorm and Kappabeams. Now hotfixed for double damage. May be useful? Time will tell with how much damage it is doing now.
  • Soul Conduit: This is a weird talent, and probably not as recommended for affliction simply because of how our spender works. We only have 1 soulshard spenders, which means this will feel very feast or famine, and with Compounding Horror, we have a very conservative play style in single target. Definitely strong on fights where you have no reason to drop effigy for most of the fight like Il’gynoth in The Nightmare.

Verdict: Due to shard generation changes, this (again) will depend on your fight. Phantom Singularity does a monstrous amount of damage now, and has a 25 yard radius so it hits just about everything in range of the boss. if you dont need the aoe, look between Soul Conduit and Effigy. Some add control fights, you’re going to want to run Conduit as you’re going to spend more time pumping UAs that get refunded into burn targets, and this just gives you more soulshards to use. Any time where sustained single target is more important, even on multi target fights, you will still want to run Effigy because of the damage boost. For single target you 100% want to run effigy, but thats only 1-2 fights currently in Nightmare, and no fights in The Nighthold. (again since our shard generation is based off of a logarithmic growth, Effigy is taken 95 – 99% of the time just so we can have something that resembles shard rng. (That being said, Phantom Singularity is great for cheesing mythic 2s, and is very good on mythic Il’gynoth).


  • Intellect: Increases our spell power and overall damage output.
  • Haste: Decreases the period between DOT ticks, decreases our channel time and cast time, and decreases our GCD
  • Mastery: Increases the damage done by Corruption, Unstable Affliction, Agony and Siphon Life.
  • Critical Strike: Gives our abilities the chance to deal double damage.
  • Versatility: Increases our damage and healing by a flat %, and decreases our damage taken by a flat %.

Affliction ST Stat Weights:

  1. Mastery: 1.03
  2. Int: 1
  3. Haste: 0.86
  4. Crit: 0.76
  5. Vers: 0.58

NOTE: It’s highly advisable to still maintain ~20% Haste with affliction to have a good shard generation. Also remember that after your mastery hits 140%, the scaling on it will start to dip drastically because Secondary stats aren’t as prevalent as ilvl increases (840 -> 850 may be a 50 mastery increase, but 880 -> 890 may only be a 20/10)

Affliction MT Stat Weights:


  1. Mastery: 1.2
  2. Int: 1
  3. Haste: 0.95
  4. Crit: 0.95
  5. Vers: 0.75

Mastery >> Int  > Haste = Crit >> Vers. Due to the lack of Drain Life uptime. NOTE: The value of mastery goes up in multi-target fights, making it the clear winner over haste even in ST.

Overall, as an affliction warlock I personally value Haste (up to 20 – 25%); Then all of the Mastery


Here is a link to the sims on H Ursoc single target. And as you can see Mastery is the clear winner in single target (and 3 – 4 target cleave), As far as AoE is concerned and high SoC uptime, Haste is the clear winner, stat wise. (It’s actually Crit > Mastery ~ Haste in Aoe for Affliction); for the most part you should strive to have as much mastery as humanly possibly (A safe spot to strive for is 120% mastery with 20% haste for shard rng, and approx 10% crit). Correction, Due to perdition scaling. Crit should be equal to haste (at least 15%)

Soul Conduit

The thing about Soul Conduit, is it’s actually not 20%. It’s actually 25% and the reason being, it doesn’t remember the shards refunded. So, say you cast UA and that shard gets refunded since Soul Conduit doesn’t remember that it refunded that shard, it has an equal chance of refunding it again.

Shard Generation explained (yay math stuff).

Shard generation is based off of a logarithmic / Square Root growt; meaning in order to derive the percentage of shards you’ll be gaining, you’re looking at this formula here. x / sqrt(# of targets). (Really it’s 0.16 / sqrt (# of targets afflicted by agony) At 4 agonies you’re looking at 100% increased shard generation.

The 20% haste cap is not a thing anymore.

As affliction, you may have heard of the 20% haste cap. But it’s not a thing, I’ve spoken with gahhdo to confirm this. What your weights should look like is

  • Mastery = 1.09
  • Crit = 1.02
  • Int = 1
  • Haste .95
  • Vers = .85

And the reason crit is so much better than haste, is because of perdition.