Affliction patch 7.2.5

Gear and Stat Prioritization

    Stats for your spec

  • Primary Stat: Intellect
  • Single Target Stat Priority: Mastery = Haste > Crit > Versatility > Intellect > Spell Power
  • Multi-Target Sat Priority: Haste > Mastery > Crit > Versatility > Intellect > Spell Power

TL;DR: When 7.2.5 comes live you wont notice that much of a difference between Haste and Mastery on a single target i.e., they’re essentially equal in value on one target. So for a single target I highly recommend gemming mastery, but enchanting for more haste… On Multi Target cleave scenarios, the value of haste inflates. Not only due to haste also greatly benefiting your pets, but the ammount of dots you have out. So, for instances like the Nighthold in the upcomming patch you should gem and enchant for haste; with the exception of the neck, that should still be mark of the trained soldier (+600 Mastery static). However, Mark of the Claw (+1000 Haste et Crit proc) is not far behind in any situation.

General Warlock Legendaries

A small note about affliction legendaries. As you can see from the chart belowm legendaires or affliction are Extremely close in rank, to the point that it’s not so much a matter of which rad orange text that you just happen to get, but you just get orange texted items in the first place…
legendary rankings

Affliction Warlock: Talent choice and you!

Overall Affliction has a fair deal of choice with the talent build. But, it’s still a good thing to talk about the talents and their potential uses in the upcomming raid.

Talent Breakdown

This isn’t the end all be all build, but, I personally find this build to be very versatile for raiding. And that’s why I recommend it… The Tier 20 four piece is going to make Absolute Corruption a very attractive option for us. However Writhe in Agony isn’t far behind Malefic Grasp in it’s nerfed state. That being said, I do not anticipate haunt having much play in patch 7.2.5, and especially in the Tomb of Sargeras.

7.2.5 talents

Tier 1

7.2.5 has returned Haunt to being an actually useful spell. Writhe in Agony Causes Agony to hit just as strong as it did pre 7.2.5, but a base level Agony is much stronger now with the 20% buff we are getting to all basic spells. Malefic Grasp has been significantly reduced in power compared to its 7.2.0 level, but it will still be winning out in pure single target situations where you can safely plant and maintain 50% uptime on Drain Soul.

Tier 2

For pure single target situations, Contagion is always the best talent, as well as for 2 target. Above 3 targets, Absolute Corruption starts to pull ahead due to the GCD saving that it provides, as well as the extra damage corruption will deal. Empowered Life Tap is only useful for silly things like super aoe heavy situations, but even then it’s really not recommended in any practical situations. Absolute Corruption is also going to be extremely strong with our new Tier 20 2piece set bonus.

Tier 4

This row has been heavily altered with the 7.2.5 updates. For now, both Soul Harvest and Phantom Singularity are close to equal on pure single target, with Phantom Singularity pulling slightly ahead, and Phantom Singularity having some promise in raids to help burst aoe packs down. Sow the Seeds will shine in M+ situations for the sustained AOE it provides.

Tier 6

For single-target and multi-target Grimoire of Supremacy is the winner due to more shards to be used on Drain Cycles. The damage from Grimoire of Sacrifice is never enough to make it worth, and Grimoire of Service causes too many issues with shard usage and GCDs. TL;DR: Just pick Supremacy for literally everything.

Tier 7

Both Soul Conduit and Siphon Life are approximately equal on sims, with Death’s Embrace being about 2-3% behind. However, due to its strength on phased enrage timers, Death’s Embrace will definitely see a lot of play for those who are not lucky enough to get Soul of the Netherlord.


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