Affliction stat weights / Pawn updated. and explained…

Stat Weights / Pawn values:

  1. Mastery = 1.30
  2. Haste >= Crit = 1.15 (I’ll explain why this is later on).
  3. Intellect = 1.00
  4. Versatility = 0.94

Why is Mastery so goddamned good?

The ammount of Shard generation per increment of Haste is less efficient than the flat damage recieved from Mastery. The value of mastery is even higher on multi target, making it the clear go-to.

2. Stat explanation

Intellect is your primary stat. You should look for this stat in all of your upgrades. It provides you with Spell Power, which increases the damage of your spells.

Mastery, through Mastery: Potent Afflictions Icon Mastery: Potent Afflictions increases the damage of your DoTs (Agony Icon Agony, Corruption Icon Corruption,Siphon Life Icon Siphon Life, and Unstable Affliction Icon Unstable Affliction). Mastery does not affect your pets or Soul Shard generation at all.

Haste influences the cast speed of your spells and increases the number of ticks from your DoTs. This decreases the ramp up damage from Agony Icon Agony as well. Haste also reduces the global cooldown, and scales with your pets.

Critical Strike increases your chance to critically hit with all spells and abilities. Crit is especially good for Affliction Warlocks due to the effects of  Icon Perdition. This is further compounded during the active time of  Icon Reap Souls.

Versatility is a flat-out damage done increase and damage taken reduction.

(NOTE: At higher item levels, and with perdition. Crit starts scaling obscenely well to the point of being equal with haste in many cases).


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