7.1.5 PTR talent build changes (bout time right) (lol)

First off, Malefic Grasp may actually be better Single Target now (Yay).

No seriously, Malefic Grasp (MG) in this talent build was buffed by 60% (that’s insane). Also, Haunt’s damage bonus was buffed by 20%, Contagion was buffed by 6% (not a whole on the grand scale).

7.1.5 PTR talent cheat sheet, there are 2 builds I’ve found so far with MG.



Tier 15:

Oh boy, this is a juicy tier of talents that it is. So let’s get into the meat of it, shall we?

Haunt has been buffed by 20% in this current build, which is very nice. What it does now, is a). increases your damage by 30% for 15 sec. If the target dies, the cooldown of Haunt is also reset. Writhe in Agony. Still, works the same. Malefic Grasp, however, was buffed to 80% (up from 20%). http://ptr.wowhead.com/spell=235155/malefic-grasp

NOTE! Grimoire of Service pets are getting buffed by 20%, this also applies to the 1.5 min cooldown!!

Also, I do not recommend taking Soul Conduit in any situation outside of 4+ targets (really 5 -6 is where SC starts being better, But that’s pretty much nonexistent). Overall you’ll still be taking Effigy 95% of the time solely for the increase to Soul Shard generation. Your pet of choice in 7.1.5 as affliction will be the felhunter (With go service as the grimoire talent choice).


Author: legionafflictionwarlock

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