Updated Affliction path (woo)


1. Early Point Investment

After acquiring the starting trait,  Icon Crystalline Shadows, swing up the top path into  Icon Seeds of Doom, which is great dungeons and gearing up. Move left into  Icon Compounding Horror, which is arguably the strongest point on the entire tree for single target. Go through the minor utility of  Icon Long Dark Night of the Soul into your first Golden Trait,  Icon Soul Flame, which is exceptional for Mythic+ dungeons and the gearing process. It is not quite as dominant in raids, though it is still a great starting point regardless of your priorities.

1.1. Second Golden Trait!

Continue downwards along the  Icon Soul Flame path into  Icon Shadowy Incantations, which is a tasty overall damage increase. Pass through  Icon Hideous Corruption, which is great for both raids and dungeons (as it is spread by Seed of Corruption Icon Seed of Corruption), and talent into your second Golden Trait.  Icon Wrath of Consumption is exceptional on fights with intermittent add spawns and is fantastic in dungeons. Unfortunately, it has little value on pure single target, but such encounters are in the minority.

1.2. Final Point Investment (i.e., wrapping things up).

Backtrack to  Icon Seeds of Doom and swing right into  Icon Inimitable Agony, a juicy increase, particularly on single target. Pass through the minor utility trait,  Icon Shadows of the Flesh, and invest in your final Golden Trait  Icon Harvester of Souls. This is an all around good trait in any situation and a nice way to finish your primary path.

Final point investment is more or less straightforward.  Icon Perdition is the easiest trait to acquire next and will result in the highest and most immediate damage increase.  Icon Sweet Souls is great if you are feeling fragile and need to beef up a bit, especially if you can convince your entire raid to switch back to Healthstones. Otherwise, ignore this trait for now and fill out  Icon Inherently Unstable for some additional crit chance on your Shard spender. Go through  Icon Drained to a Husk, which is very minor, and take  Icon Fatal Echoes. Although this trait seems attractive on the surface, it is an overall minor increase and only then on pure single target. There is also no good path to get here early, which is why  Icon Fatal Echoes is ignored until now. If you have not acquired  Icon Sweet Souls yet, finish your  Icon Ulthalesh, the Deadwind Harvester by allocating a point when available.

2. Relic Choice!

  1.  Icon Shadowy Incantations is good, particularly under the effects of  Icon Reap Souls.
  2.  Icon Inimitable Agony is great for single target, particularly in combination with Writhe in Agony Icon Writhe in Agony.
  3.  Icon Inherently Unstable is another good single target relic, particularly when properly combined with  Icon Compounding Horror.
  4.  Icon Hideous Corruption and  Icon Seeds of Doom are both excellent relic slots for players invested mostly in Mythic+ progression.
  5.  Icon Perdition.
  6.  Icon Drained to a Husk.
  7. Any defensive relic.

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